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Wow what a day

July 29th, 2006 at 07:04 pm

Wow did my day start out terrible, first the guys came really early to start our roof and being up late last night was know help. Then I went to library and the DVD I wanted was still not returned (12 days late) Then I was unable to wash clothes because I line dry and since the guys were out doing the roof they had stuff every where. Next I took a nap before heading off to work; I was unable to iron because the outlet was not working so I had to decide on something else. Next I used the little girls room and was washing my hands (I did not have my glasses on) but I heard this water dripping sound...the toilet over flowed. Then I went into the other bathroom turned on the show and that toilet start to back up. Ok now it is getting close for me to go to work, go by dads to take shower, he's not home; next off to my sisters theyre not home, go by my aunts, guess what she is not home go over to my friends my mom house she's not home luckily as I was about to pull off my showed up and I was able to shower. As I am leaving and half way home I realize I can not see...left my glasses darn. So now you know what kind of day I had

1 Responses to “Wow what a day”

  1. miclason Says:

    It's the kind of day when....you need a ((HUG))
    Hope things are better tomorrow! Smile

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