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My sister strikes again

October 28th, 2007 at 07:35 pm

I have not posted in a while but here we go. My nephew car broke down about two weeks ago and my sister ask my uncle to fix it, she only owes him for the parts. Anyhow, she has not paid him yet and the money he usd to get the parts was his cell phone money (big mistake). She was to pay him 3 Fridays ago and she hasn't. Now my mom is feeling bad and took the money out of some money she is holding (it is a little pool she deos too long to explain) with the expectation that my sister was going give my uncle his money. Well to make a long story short, she hasn't, she called me up n Friday ask me to pay him until she gets paid Thursday.The only reason why I am doing it is because of my mom because I know darn well that when Thursday roll around I will not see one damn dime until 3-4 weeks from now
I just needed to vent... she is so pathetic she'll go and get her hair done but won't pay the money she owes just pathetic

5 Responses to “My sister strikes again”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    i know i know i know! exactly what you mean about family members making bad financial decision and just generally being irresponsible and lazy with their finances. here are a few examples of my older siblings:
    brother: not the biggest culprit, however he did SELL a BAG of MINE that i lent him to travel to another state with. yes he SOLD it. thanks very much, dear brother. he also lived in a tent for six months at the same time.
    sister: ahh. dear sister. got a credit card to go on holiday with. bought a $400 skirt and $300 pair of jeans, then asked my parents for money to pay the rent. didnt pay her electricity and got it cut off, then lived for three months without electricity.

    and that is just SOME of the things. haha

  2. baselle Says:

    Wow, its like the three cups turned upside down and the ball inside. Your sister created the ball, then it was passed to uncle, then mom, then you. Also not teaching your nephew anything good either. Why isn't he chipping in?

  3. madhaus90 Says:

    yes, we all have relatives or friends like this. i like to use these examples to remind myself that i will never be like that. i have dear brother who squandered over $100K in inheritance money ($50K for divorce/credit card payoff) and then who knows about the other balance. as for me, the years that i got those inheritance payments i padded IRAs (totalling almost $100K for retirment) and educaion funds for the kids (totalling $35K savings to date). and i did offer to make a mortgage payment for him once, but i intended it to be a gift. i agree we set an example for our children. with us, it is all choices -

  4. chitown Says:

    Make her sign a promissory note.

  5. koppur Says:

    Oh sunshine, here we go again. I know you want to help your Mums, but helping your sister always ends up bad. I hope things work out better this time! Keep us posted!

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