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April 16th, 2008 at 07:34 pm

I attempted to get my free credit report and was told I needed to pay unless I used the site annualcreditreport.com or something like that. I thought there was a law passed in which I can get my report for free, well in FL you must pay unless you use the designated site, in which you get all 3 at once and I did not want that. I wanted to obtain my report every three to 4 months from the big three but I will have to settle for one so I am waiting until June
Tomorrow I am calling the credit union ans raising you know what. I have called them 3 times for an application to refinance muyu car and have not received it as of yet...what is the problem?
Anyhow, I was able to get one of the last two seats for summer B for the accounting class, thank God
I just can't wait until this week/month is over

4 Responses to “What?”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    Hang in there, you can get through this month! Good luck getting the credit reports sorted out, I had a hard time with their "free trial" a little while ago.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    That is the correct website for the free credit reports. If you check under the frequently asked questions, it explains that you can get all three reports at once and then again in 12 months OR space the three out over a 12 month period. I say go for it now and get at least one.

  3. CouponAddict Says:

    Just today as a result of your inquiry I got off my tookus and ordered one of my reports. When you get inside the website you can select one, two or three of the reports. I selected one, I will not be able to recheck that one for year but I can check the others.

    If you have never checked your report I would suggest getting all three at one time because there can be differences but if you have gotten your free report already the spacing out of the reports is I good idea. Just keep in mind IF there is an error on your report and you submit documentation of the errors to the credit report company, you can request a report from them I believe it is 60 or 90 days later to check up of the corrections.

  4. veronak Says:

    Thanks coupon for the tip

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