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What a day

September 1st, 2008 at 07:24 pm

Wow I have had such a busy weekend. Today I watched Juno" and " Delores Claiborne which were great. But I had to move my things to another storage, my sister who lost her place told me this week that she was going to move her things to the spare bed room at her new apartment and if I wanted to place my things there I could but once I made it to the storage I decided to place my own things in storage. If she had told me months ago I could have went through those things and got rid of some stuff but oh well. The problem that I had was that I mentioned to her let's just split the bill and she said she would not be able to pay $20 a month well guess what she too has things in the new storage as well as her husband and of course I am footing the bill. The only reason why I am not really complaining is because I did have my things in their garage for some time but I just simply wish she had been honest with me months ago.
Now I did go out this weekend with a few friends which ended up costing me about $30 not too bad but bad enough. Then I gave my uncle $20 for helping move my things at the last minute and I also gave my nephew about $6 . I tell you I can strangle my sister she drive me nuts
Now I have some one who is giving away a queen size bed with box spring on free cycle that I am going to try and pick up tomorrow, since my sister gave my nephew mine and then asked me after she gave it to him.
I also made an attempt to pay my tuition and am having the hardest damn time I am so annoyed because that means I am going to have to make a special trip to the college
Enough with my rant that is it for now

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