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Today was a big day

March 5th, 2009 at 05:40 pm

Well I got most of my to do list done:
Grocery shopping----
Traffic ticket---done
Buy lotto for work----

Only reason why I didn't go to the library to study, the gym and the grocery store is because on Thursdays I give my sister a ride home and on my way back the gym , library and the grocery store are on the same route so I figured I'll save gas and make the trip when I picked her up. Well of course at 5:30 the time that I should pick her up, she called to say there was no need for me to. I was so ticked off because my dentist and doctor are in the same area and my plans were to go after I left the doctor's but because I was cutting it close (as usual the doctor had me waiting) I decided to go home (across town) so that I can pick her up on time and missed my opportunity to do the things that I needed to do

And spending, wow I spent a lot. I anticipated that my crown for the implant would be about $400 close to the last one...nope try $1300. So I used the cc to pay half and won't be going back for the crown until I have the money for the other half. It's my own fault because I should have asked and not make any assumptions.
$25 for gas
$35 MD this went up $5
$650 Dentist

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