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February 4th, 2010 at 06:31 pm

Ok this is a long post, nothing to do with finances but I have to get this out.

Ok I am at work and did not notice my phone ringing. I see a text from my boyfriend "Call me 911" I try calling him no answer. Then I notice I have a missed call from his daughter. I call her she sounds as though she is crying, she answers and says " that's ok I got him/it" I wasn't sure, so I ask are you ok she says yes. I hang up but I am still feeling a little uneasy so I try calling both of them again and no answer.

Finally my BF calls back and tells me K (his daughter) tried killing herself and slit her wrist and that he was on his way to the hospital near my job. Because I just started I am afraid to leave I tell my co-worker and she advises me to leave and I did.

Get to the hospital both he and her are pulling in behind me. Where is her mother I wonder. I give her a hug and ask whats the matter, she begins to cry I leave her alone and don't push the issue and upset her more. Thank God the wombs are superficial.

My concern is mom never shows and then we find out through her counseling session at the hospital that she did this on Sunday; mom, mom's BF, moms sister and her baby sister all knew and no one has contacted Dad---my BF.

My BF tries contacting his ex wife who yells at him for calling and states that she will deal with K later. My first response is frigging later? Are you frigging kidding me? This is a serious issues, obviously she is crying out attention from mom who still isn't giving her the attention she is seeking...my God, I have no kids but where is the motherly bond, instincts etc that I always here about?

Long story short the hospital discharged her, she insisted on going back home (which I thought was a bad idea) but dad did not want to upset her any more so allowed it. I talked to her today, she sound ok but counseling will start the first part of the week

8 Responses to “Wow”

  1. homebody Says:

    I am surprised the hospital sent her home. Any attempts here in California must be sent to a mental health facility on a 5150, danger to self or others.

    My heart goes out to you dealing with this. Keep her as close and show her as much love as you can.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Poor baby. Growing up is hard enough, let alone trying to deal with things like that without support. Frown Nice of you to try to comfort her.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    it sounds like she needs a mother figure in her life. even if you don't want to be that, if you did feel comfortable talking to her even just a little bit, it might make her feel ten times better just to know there's someone to talk to when she needs to.

  4. Tabs Says:

    Woah there. Did a child try to commit suicide, and did a parent actually say, "I'll deal with it later?" Wow, even my ex isn't that bad.

  5. Campfrugal Says:

    That is just so sad. I pray she gets the healing she deserves and needs. Keep us informed and stay strong.

  6. miclason Says:

    Oh, if I'm fuming, I imagine that your DH must feel like skinning the mom alive!... I'll pray for your family.

  7. veronak Says:

    yes a cild attempted suicide and even though the wombs were not deep enough to cause serious danger, moms response was she will deal with it later.Crazy just crazy.
    Because she actually tried on Sunday and when we found out it was Wednesday the hospital felt that she wasnt a threat to herself, so there was no need to keep her. I thought she should have stayed. I've been in contact with K who sounds better, she is getting counseling at the school and dad is trying to set up something out side the school. Thanks everyone and I will keep you posted

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