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Renter, Geico, Shopping and Dog Attack

February 9th, 2019 at 06:27 pm

Today was busy, got my dad’s second place rented. Well we found a tenant and now we start the process. I don’t own the place but I manage it for my siblings who gives me $150 a month. So this will go towards my CC.

I took the car in today and the pcv was broken. The mechanic told me I didn’t have to fix it but if I did it would be $100. I fixed it. That noise scares me as well as annoys me. I had the cash saved, also I don’t know if it’s me but the car is running really well.

Next I got a quote with Geico, it’s half of what I’m paying every month. Savings of about $80. Tomorrow I’ll finalize everything and move forward with them.

Other news, I’ve been shopping at Walmart for some time. I’ve never seen meat at a reduce price. Went in today and bam, five packs of chicken and one pack of pork chops for a little over $14. That’s about $2+ per package. I then headed over to Aldi and picked up grapes 🍇 strawberries 🍓 and carrots 🥕 $6. I’d say I scored.

Lastly, as I was walking up my walkway a pitbull 🐕 charged at me. I’m petrified of dogs, big or small, so for this happen made me even more scared. I emailed the HOA right away because all dogs are to be on a leash at all times. My neighbor has cameras so she will share the images with me. We think it’s one of our neighbors dog. Thank God all is well

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