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I’m new to this, so I need your help

July 31st, 2019 at 06:46 pm

Okay, I’m new to paying attention to markets, rates etc, forgive me, I’m still learning.

So I read where Powell announce he’s reducing rates by I think .25% from what I’m reading this isn’t good. Can you all share your thoughts?


July 31st, 2019 at 05:43 am

My porch is atrocious, a few weeks ago, I washed the windows and the front door. I tried doing the patio but we have so much junk out there I was unable to.

I hate coming home because as soon as you open the gate you’re on my patio, it’s the first thing people see and it’s awful.

I wanted to dump the patio furniture last week, but was so tired from the week and the SO, well I won’t get into it, he always forget. Anyway, I’ve been searching for pillows/cushions for this patio for about two years or better, and it was just too expensive. Close to $800 or better, just for cushions. Well last night I decided to give it one more try, low and behold, Big Lots had 50% off all outdoor items, and I got 5 seat cushions and five back cushions for $133 total, this includes tax. Brought them home and they’re about an inch short from fitting perfectly, nothing I can’t fix with a pool noodle. You have no idea how happy I am. I’m finally going to able to enjoy this space, not to mention, they’re gorgeous.

I plan on saving up about $200, I need a storage to store the cushions, a water tub/container to catch rain water, and some fabric to make throw pillows. The rain water, I want to use to wash the patio, and water the plants I’ll be putting out. It’s not much, but if I plan on keeping this patio up I should save a little on water 💦.

Tonight I’ll pick up my sister’s pressure washer, put the love seat, old cushions and everything else I don’t want on the dump. I’ll pressure clean the patio and the fence to prepare for painting. I found that I have about 10 panels that’s damaged, Home Depot sells, 6 for about $40, I’ll get two sets and a few nails to nail them up. Then my nephew and I will paint. It’s much cheaper than replacing the entire fence. One thing I’ve learned, don’t prolong household items, it will cost you more to repair in the long run.

Things are trucking along pretty well financially, I did splurge this week on eating out but today that stops. No more
I’ll be depositing about $400 extra to the EF since I bought the cushions.

I realized, I’ve slacked on my bible reading/studying, I really need to get back, God has been too good to me to forget and build a relationship with him.

Monday Ramblings

July 29th, 2019 at 07:42 pm

Washed my car yesterday , and I was exhausted. I’ve got to stay on top of this. I’m going to have to budget $5 a week to do this. I only washed the outside, still have to vacuum the inside.

I also sold an item on Poshmark yesterday, earning $6.05, shipped today.

Yesterday was one of my childhood friend’s birthday. We all met for brunch. I was anticipating $30 for brunch and $25 for a gift, all budgeted. However, brunch itself for both me and the SO was $120, SO ended up footing the bill, it was way too expensive. We had drinks and that’s what killed us plus the gratuity. Crazy

Today, I found a $5 winning scratch lottery ticket 🎫, I’ll cash it in tomorrow.

California Mass Shooting - Praying

July 28th, 2019 at 08:14 pm

Sending prayers to my SA family who maybe in California or who have family/friends

Miscellaneous Stuff

July 28th, 2019 at 03:30 am

Yesterday I really needed to get moving and work on the next budget period, but I was so enjoying the quiet time and I was just exhausted from the workweek.

Things I need to do/done

✔️ Update the budget for next pay period
✔️ Update/fill my cash envelopes
✔️ Balance CC10
✔️ Update student loan accounts
✔️ Change direct deposits to include the pay increase.
Update my planner for August

Checked my net worth and found that it increased by .01% that’s $1953.94 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. It’s progress, just wish that it was more. I know I’ll get there once I’m able to tackle the student loan debt.

I made adjustments so that I am saving more of my pay increases. Typically I’d spend this money by increasing my way of living that include shopping and dining, but not this time. I split the increase among retirement, saving and debt. These three things are my priority.

Today I’m going to wash 🧼 my car 🚗 she’s filthy. I’ve asked the SO for quite some time and he just hasn’t, so I’m going out before it gets too hot to do it.

Slow Mortgage Payment

July 27th, 2019 at 02:56 am

Though the mortgage is not a priority right now, I can’t help but feel defeated.

Since closing, I’ve paid extra, not much, but I wanted to get into the habit of doing so. Any way today while checking balances, I noticed that, finally the principal has been knocked down by a $1,000 lol.

Now I know why it takes forever for some to pay off a home. I mean, I know that the first few years you’re paying primarily the interest, it just me, when viewing my statement, that if I continue like this, I’ll be paying a mortgage into my late 70s.

Goal is to have this baby paid off in at least 10 years. Right now I’m rebuilding my savings, EF, once that’s done I can start back tackling the credit card again and the student loans. I really do believe, I can have everything gone in 10 years

Pay Day and Savings

July 26th, 2019 at 04:48 am

Today was pay day, and it feels good to cut a check for everything that’s due between now and August 9, pay day. It’s such a breeze, I don’t feel anxious/anxiety about paying bills.

I’ll be updating my sidebar with new totals but I realize I’m living below my means. I’m saving about 20% of my take home pay. Though most of it goes to sinking funds, I do add to my Fidelity retirement account, and it’s still saving. I’m actually in shock, I’ve never really save that much of my income. I would save, $20 - $50 here and there. Once I get rid of CC10 and the student loans, I should be able to bump the saving percentage to at least 50%.

Yesterday was SO birthday. I spent $16, I did get him flowers and a card. We were going to go out for dinner, he eats free on his birthday, but my stomach was so upset, we didn’t go. So now we’ll pick another day. He was shocked that I bought him two dozens of roses 🌹 since “I’m so cheap” as he says. Well I didn’t tell him but, the flowers were buy one get one free, no need in leaving the flowers. Lol. Now I’ll admit I was a little annoyed about the card, $5. I can’t believe that greeting cards are so expensive. He was funny, he looked at the back, I told him, it didn’t come from the dollar store but next time it will. Lol

So as we sat around discussing my frugality and laughing, his mother came up. She did not have the funds to make payroll again yesterday, so I guess he had to scrounge around to do so, that means he did not get paid. I changed the subject. I’m over the lady, and the fact that he won’t address the issue and take over the business. As I’ve previously told him, I’m not going into 2019 with you and your mom BS, I don’t care what the two of them got going on. He’d better have my rent money, that is $850 a month. He’s been paying it, and I’ve been happy. I’m going to hold to stick to my guns, because if he does not have my money on August 1, he’ll be out August 2. He can go live with his momma

Professional Reimbursement

July 24th, 2019 at 06:44 pm

Well $125 to fix the outlet. The electrician told me the switch was bad. It made me nervous, because my nephew’s place caught on fire due to an electrical issue, so I was like let me get this thing taken care of. It also works out, because I now have lights in the living room again. Oops, one good thing, he took the $50 service call off, and I was quite happy to know that I have the house repair fund that made this transaction a breeze. 💨

Yesterday I submitted my request for reimbursement for my SHRM professional membership. My boss is notorious for changing her mind when it comes to money 💰. Either way, I had the cash in my professional/membership fund account. But I am happy to report she did approve it and signed off on it today. I’m so happy, that’s a $189 saved. I wish I could add this to the CC or EF but my certification is due in January and that’s $400. Hopefully she’ll approve the renewal on that as well.

Because I’m the HR manager I am able to view checks early, mine was about $150 extra (I’d gotten a raise). For the first part of the year I had change my withholdings to get most of my money and so for the second half I made the adjustment, so the raise really was just a slight bump. Hopefully I’ll break even and won’t get a refund or owe. This extra is going to the EF of course. Either way I’m thankful for this increase


July 21st, 2019 at 04:54 pm

Just finished cleaning up my kitchen 🍽 , dining room and living room. Thank goodness I don’t have a big home. I’m in need of a kitchen rug but it’s not a must so I’m holding off.

My patio looks atrocious so I tackled that as well. I can’t dump any thing until Wednesday night for Thursday pick up, but everything is going on the dumpster. I’ll paint the fence after I dump everything as well as the patio concrete. I also ended up pulling up all the weeds outside of the fence. Two feet away is considered my property.

God bless me with a home and I’ve got to do better with keeping it up. I’m going to create a schedule of things that needs to be done, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. I have the electrician coming tomorrow. There is a socket that is giving me an issue, and the last thing I need is a fire of some sort

EF, SO Mother and My Health

July 21st, 2019 at 04:59 am

Added an extra $73.98 to my EF to bring the balance to $4,300. So excited. I kept the other extra $100 in the checking account until pay day on Friday. Seems like the checking cushion dropped a little and I don’t like when it’s less than $300.

I’ve been missing church, because I can’t stand going to my SO mother’s home afterwards. I know it’s no excuse but I absolutely hate going there. She’s not in the best of health so he goes to check on her, and rightfully so. But the house is a pigsty 🐷 , old food everywhere, dirty dishes 🍽, over flow of garbage 🗑, you name it, it’s there. Though she can barely move, (even when she was healthy, the house was a mess) his daughter (16 y/o) and neice (30+ y/o) lives there and won’t clean up 🧹 . It’s disgusting. I don’t know how anyone can live like that. Out of all her siblings, her house is the only one that is a mess. I won’t even eat 🥘 from the woman.

My health, I saw the doctor yesterday for my lab results and my cholesterol has creeped back up. Also my vitamin D is low, strange with this one, I live in Florida 🏖. She did tell me that Floridians tend to have low vitamin D because we avoid the sun 🌞 like the plague, due to the heat, and she’s right. Anyway I’m trying these vitamin D gummies, and will cut out fast food 🍟, thats my issue. We also think we found the issue with my night sweats, my birth control pill 💊. Since I’ve switched I really haven’t had any issues. Thank God

That’s it for now I’m going out for a morning walk, I lap which is two miles. I’m going to try this daily until I can do four miles

Sinking Funds, Do You Have Any?

July 20th, 2019 at 02:39 pm

I’m so happy to have learned about sinking funds, they’ve really made a difference in my financial life.
I use to keep a separate account for medical expenses, then I learned about HSA, it’s money I can contribute pre-tax, that rolls over, from year to year. Not to mention it’s also a way to save extra for retirement for those who are financially sound.

I ended up closing my Capitol One 360 account and started contributing. Though my medical expenses are low, I’m trying to build this account up to at least meet my deductible. I have a ways to go, but hey. Anyway, I saw the doctor today, labs were decent but my vitamin D was low, and my cholesterol is trending up. The copay was $30, it felt good to use my HSA funds and not have to worry.

Sinking funds have been a life saver for me. Though they’re not where I’d like for them to be, but it’s progress.

Just curious, how many of you have sinking funds? If so, what are the accounts that you have (e.g. Christmas, auto)?

Certification Reimbursement

July 20th, 2019 at 08:18 am

So my manager told me I can get reimbursed for some of my HR professional development credits and membership. Well I renewed my SHRM professional membership and will be submitting my request for reimbursement of $189. I was so happy to hear this. I’d been saving for it and just needed another $25 to renew. I used the CC for the points and will pay it next week.

Now I’ll continue to save, because I also have my recertification due in January, I think, I need to double check, and that’s $400. I’m with a nonprofit so money is always tight. I’d love to go to one of the conferences, that’s always a couple of thousands of dollars but hey maybe the company will pay.

Other news, I ate out twice this week. I’ve really got to cut this out, this can add up quickly.

I also checked my SS benefits, I’ve earned the credits to collect, I realize as it is now, I need a monthly income of about $6,000 if I want to keep my current lifestyle. I definitely have some planning and saving to do. Oops also investing


July 19th, 2019 at 03:36 am

I just want to give God thanks. What I’ve heard was that when you’re good stewards, particularly with what belongs to God he’ll bless you.

Two years ago, I started tithing, no matter what happens each pay period I tithed. During this process I also was paying down my debt. As I look back, anything that came up, car repair, doctor visit, cracked crown, God showed up and showed out, I always had the cash to pay for things. Even recently with my legal stuff, I had the $5,000 cash to pay the retainer up front. As I sit back and review the last two years, God has not forsaken me.

Now I’ll admit, I was hoping for a $10,000 merit increase but hey, $7,000 is still great, it’s about 12.5% merit increase, that’s generally not typical for our organization. Also, first thing came to mind was, I can pay off debt, then I told my prayer group and my accountability partner as well as my SA family, I soon realized I didn’t thank God first. I feel so bad, I know without Him none tif this would be possible.

I’m so thankful to God. One of the things I’d like to do when I’m debt free is to provide scholarships to other women to continue their education. I can’t wait to do this.


July 18th, 2019 at 12:02 pm

Yay I got a raise, $7,000. It’s not the $10k that I was hoping for but it’s a raise.