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Thursday Ramblings

August 8th, 2019 at 09:32 pm

For the last few days I’ve pressure cleaned 🧹 my patio getting it ready for painting. I’m so glad I did this myself, this would have cost me $100 at least to do. It’s a process and I wish I was finished, but when the SO was here, I didn’t want to do a thing and let it go. I know once I’m done I’m going to be happy. Next weekend I’ll paint.

I also did a little research and found that I can change the face of my cabinets, that will be thousands of dollars saved. I’m opening a sinking fund for this project. I only have two sections of the cabinets that would need to be painted. I’m excited because I know soon my home will feel like a home 🏡 .

Though I don’t have the money to change out the floors, I decided to make throw pillows that will match, but two matching lamps, and get an area rug. Oh and paint one wall

The last thing on the list is my bedroom, I definitely need a new set, but no one goes in my room so I’ll make do.

All these projects will take time, one because it’s not a priority, my debt is; two I’ll be cash flowing so I’ll be saving for it, and three no rush.

I texted the SO to see when he planned on picking up the rest of his crap, and didn’t get a response. That’s cool because I’ll pack it up and take it to his Mom’s if he doesn’t come and get it

Update, he called and said he’ll be by to pick up some more things tomorrow. I’m giving him until the end of the month to get all his crap. He also told me he’s getting his friend who is a painter to paint the fence and the patio. Well I’m clear, I have no money to pay anyone that’s why I’m doing it myself and this will not get you back in. So if you get some one to paint, that’s on you.

2 Responses to “Thursday Ramblings ”

  1. Creditcardfree Says:

    I'm glad you are doing your research on your home repairs and improvements, saves so much money! I'd tell your SO no on the fence. You are no longer in a relationship and he needs to stay out of your business, even if well intention

  2. fireandi Says:

    Good job on saving all that money. Making a house feel like home involves lots of changes, and doing them on your own not only saves you money, but also helps you to savor the process of turning it into your own home. :-)

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