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Hope I am doing the right thing

June 5th, 2006 at 08:51 pm

Sorry so long but I am simply nervous:

I hope I am doing the right thing, as you all know my car is drivable but pretty soon it won't be. I will have to finance a car but my credit is sooo bad just reviewed my scores

Transuion: 610(dropped by 5 points due to inquiry)
Equifax: 595
Experian: 543

So since I was putting money away for a new car (I just opened this account) and only had $72.98 I decided to transfer to the challenge giving me a total of $823.46
Now I owe HSBC $797.61 and will pay this out of the challenge money leaving me with $26.30. My goal is to try and pay off as much as possible so that my score will boost and I will not need a co-signer for a vehicle, But I will have $812.61 in my EF (My brother still owes me $265.00) and I will get paid next week from the part-time job in which I plan on adding to the challenge about $230.00

Now I am left with the following
CC1: $2048.15Ö L
CC2: $944.45
CC3: $125.84

And this is what I owe on my momís accounts
CC1: $406.90
CC2: $216.96 ( I maybe a $100.00 off on this, actually more)

But this is my plan and please pray that my car hold out at least 4 more months
My score is low due to two charge offs and high balances and not slow pay
Oh boy you live an d learn


June 2nd, 2006 at 06:06 pm

In regards to my last post. You sent me a website to check the names of CA, well I had the incorrect name of the company and decided to double the site again and guess what, the company is on the list. So I will try and contact the company in which I owe the funds to in order to clear this debt

My dilemma

June 1st, 2006 at 10:55 am

As you all know I just found out my car has way too many leaks to fix therefore with in the next few months I should be looking for a new car. I decided the money that I was saving for a house and then change my mind, I was going to use the money to pay off debt...now I think I should use it towards a new car, well I have no choice. Any way
my credit score is terrible (615) I have two charge offs and no slow pays. I got an offer in the mail to pay off one of the charge off in order to settle the account, the original balance was $750.11 and the company is willing to accept $562.58 to settle (I did try to get this reduce, but was told no). My dilemma is should I pay off the debt and boost my credit score for a better interest rate when I decided to purchase a new car, but I'll be a short fund. However, in about a month with my part-time job I will be able to add the $500.00 back, or keep the money in case I need a down payment. I was thinking about going through my credit union, which I am sure will give me a better deal than the dealer. Right now I do not know how long my car will last but was told to just check the oils and drive it until it can't be driven any more. My sisters says pay off the debt boost my score and save even more for a down payment on a new car, especially since Iíll get two checks from my part-time job which will be equivalent to the $500.00ÖI just donít know
lesson learn never live like the Jones otherwards never bite off more than yiu can chew. Don't cahrege things you do not need

Car trouble

May 29th, 2006 at 04:47 pm

Just went outside for something and notice a oil leak of some sort Frown Last year I totaled my car and was given a 89 camery which I am thankful for...I only spent about 2000.00 having repairs done such as:the transmission,oil changes and tires, a battery. Since my accident I have not saved for a new car Frown I should have but I didn't. The money I was paying for my old car was $350.00 a month that should have went to the side but it wasn't until December of last year that I got serious about my debt and not until February of this year that I started really trying to save...so now what I put aside in my EF and challenge money I may have to use Frown either to get my car fix or a dowm payment on a car, oh boy. I hope this is not an expensive repair but oil leaks can be costly. I am so depressed now

Past due books

May 17th, 2006 at 03:22 pm

Being lazy I did not return my library books which ended up costing me $4.70 Frown
Can you believe it, all because I was too lazy. I could have bought a paper back book, or lunch or something; but no I had to pay the public library. Now because of a "lazy mistake" or a "stupid transaction" in which I like to call them I have to add this amount to my challenge money as well as the .70 cents for rounding up, a total of $5.00 OH BOY
I better take those movies back before I am charged a late fee as well

New challenge amount $437.96
I am entering blogs like crazy today I guess I have a lot to talk about..lol

Very upset

May 16th, 2006 at 04:06 pm

Ok I have to vent, theres this guy that I met at a X-mas party about 2 years ago, he drives me crazy but I deal with him only because I market at his office Frown
Anyway to make a long story short he is always selling something, and of course I feel obligated to purchase only because we have a business relationship...it would not bother me as much if I could get a refund from my job but because this is really personal I can't Frown now I feel like this was a waste and should match this amount and add to my challenge money in which I intend to do but it's the point. I can't understand why some people always ask the same people over and over to purchase itmes, I guess because we are suckers Frown
Now here is my challenge update:

$15.00 money wasted
.44 rounded to the nearest dollar after grocery shopping
$21.50 Payday deposit
grand total now $422.11

2nd Check in May

May 7th, 2006 at 05:15 pm

I am expecting about $825.00 Next Monday (payday) I know if I do not write down what needs to be done while I am slightly ahead it won't get done and there will be money wasted so here we go:

$75.00 EF
$10.00 new car account
10.00 Tuition/Books account
$20.00 Challenge/New home account
$40.00 Water bill
$12.00 Dental Insurance
$52.00 CC1
$50.00 C-phone #1
$40.00 Cable
$20.00 CC'2
$33.00 CC3
$26.00 CC4
$20.00 My ME account
$35.00 Home phone
$125.00 CC5 paid in full
$75.00 extra on CC 1
$50.00 Mom
$4.29 for the stamps I would have paid
actually it should be $5.00 because I am rounding up.Leaving me with 132.00 for two weeks. Wow I have way too many d*** CC's that is how I am in the trouble that I am in, now that I see this I am taking every single one out of my purse, you know my mom really does not travel with hers and she owes 0 on a cc, she only uses them when necessary. Wow and I paid off two today my God. It so different when you see things on paper versus estmiating and that is how I get into trouble. I really have an addiction to clothes Frown
it's insane I am so upset right now


April 28th, 2006 at 06:07 am

Finally I have received the $25.00 NSF refund from the bank. I had to go there yesterday and rais pure H**. Almost a month later and now I have my refund
boy was I upset. And I tell you what from here on out before I leave the I will be checking my account balance so that there are no mistakes as well as my receipts

One step backwards

April 26th, 2006 at 02:29 pm

While I was on my splurge over the weekend and this past week I totally forgot what got me into trouble in the 1st place so now I have to return some items that were clearly wants and not needs so here is the break down:

Clothing $240.37 (i'll be returning about $100.00 worth)
Job Expenses $192.20(will be reimbursed)
Misc $63.44
Good thing I keep a misc account where I can trsf fund that way I do not have to use my EF so I have about $80.00 in that account and $20.00 cash once I returns some of the items I should be good to go

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