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July Fitness Challenge

July 4th, 2017 at 06:05 am

My fitness goal for the month of July is to lose 5lbs. Yesterday I've kicked off this challenge by hitting my first 10,000 steps in months, and I also had a chicken salad for dinner.

Today I went out for my morning walk, hitting 5,000 steps and drank 20 ounces of water all before 9 am. Not bad. For every 10,000 made I'll add a $1 to my CC debt, that should be $7 a week.

For dinner, I've decided on hamburger without the bread and homemade baked french fries 🍟. Lunch will be a salad.

Well that's it in a nutshell. I want to wish everyone a fun and safe Fourth of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ†

Made it to the gym

May 26th, 2015 at 07:21 pm

I have been on a hiatus for the last two and a half weeks. So I packed my gym clothes, prior to heading to the office and after work, I hit the gym. So I added $2 to my 52 week/$20 challenge fund. I've decided to add $2 when ever I go to the gym.

Dad also gave me a $100 to pay his $97 cable bill, so the $3 left I split between my challenge fund and CC3. I know it seems minimal but it works for me. I was able to pay off my debt and become debt free the first time around doing this.

All in all today was actually a great day.

Oh my

February 11th, 2013 at 01:02 pm

I bought a weighted jump rope because I am determined to get fit, eat healthy and lose the weight without heading to a gym.

I must say, I could barely jump for 30 secs. I thought I was going to pass out. So I jumped for one minute, took a break and jumped for another minute. Total minutes 2

Apparently while jumping rope you burn approximately 11 calories per minute. I'm hoping I can get to five minutes by the end of next week. Lol

Bit for now it's only 2 Big Grin

Trying to keep up

November 29th, 2012 at 05:16 pm

Who said eating healthy while making lifestyle changes would be easy?

I saw the doctor a few months back and he advised me I was borderline for high cholesterol, not to mention all the back problems I've been having.

So I decided to change my eating habits and workout more, I must say I have seen some improvements.

Today I worked out using my weighted hula hoops as well as hitting the gym which allowed me to add $2 to my challenge.

Furthermore, I did not eat out so $6 was added as well.

Lastly , today was a no spend day Smile so another dollar was added.

All in all I saved $9 today, $6 of it went towards debt (CC1)

Tomorrow is payday and I have $57 left in my "what ever I want to do account." This time around I can't add it to debt or any to my IRA because the BF is short this month for his portion of the bills. I may as well hold on to it vs. transferring money from the EF later.

Well that's it in a nutshell.


November 28th, 2012 at 06:22 pm

Well I thought today was going well until...

The BF mentioned he needs to borrow money. I don't know how much, so no answer was given. I'm leaving it at that for now.

On a different note (more positive that is) I did not eat out today so $6 was added to the $20 Challenge/debt (CC1)I also went to the gym so I added $2 to the $20 Challenge/EF account.

School is whining down Smile and I'll have a little break after the 8th, whew.

Other than that, that was my day in a nutshell

Great start

November 24th, 2012 at 08:26 am

Started the day off with a nice little work out at the gym, then used my weighted hula hoop and a light breakfast.

Now I'm just spending my Saturday relaxing. The BF went to team up with his family for a photo so I have the entire day, at least for a little bit, all to myself.

Being that I went to the gym today I added $2 to my challenge, goal is to pay off CC1 by December 31st and it looks like its going to happen.

Wow where does the weekend go?

January 8th, 2012 at 02:04 pm

Friday night I was drained , I hit Wal*Mart up for a few personal items, came home and crashed. Yesterday, I went to the dentist spent $100, which I will get back from my FSA, got 1 set motor mounts installed ($25.00), cleaned my pool, and then date night with th BF to the Improv, which was a disaster.
Regarding the Improv, I personally did not want to go but I must admit that it was a nice outing at first . There were three couples, usually when I go out with other couples the bill is split amongst the couples. Well the bill came and I made the comment to my BF to simply split the bill, long story short he was upset because the bill was $191 and he paid $80 which was more than the three way split. But what frustrated me was he was trying to blame me. Huh? First of all I did not want to go. Second of all if you didn't want to split the bill you ask for a seperate bill, secondly if you had split it three ways it would have been $63 or you could have simply paid for us which came to about $50 with tip. If you can't open your mouth then I feel like you wanted to spend the $80. His reasoning for spending the $80, well his cousin gave $80 so he did which left the couple who ate the most with a $31 bill and if I'm not mistaken their bill was about $80+
Moving a long, just needed to vent. Today I went to spin class which was awesome! I bought a gel seat for the bike and felt so much better, I cleaned my room which was a must, washed and colored my hair ($35 saved) and now I'm getting ready to fill my car up and vacuum the inside. That will be it for me.
Wednesday we leave for our trip to Alabama Smile and I made it clear I'll pay for the room, BF will pay for the rental car.

It feels good

November 29th, 2011 at 07:15 pm

It feels good to be back on track to financial freedom.

Today I went to Target and collected over 200 points using ShopKick, hoping to earn enough Best Buy points for BF Christmas gift.

Then I bought the following
Personal care product:3.99 less $1.00c= $2.99
-Personal care product:$.92 less $1.00c= $.08 for me Smile
-Target savings using cc (paid once I got home): $.50
Total savings $2.50

$20 Challenge update
-$6 no dining out
-$1 gym
-$1 Study
Total $8.50

All in all I added $10.50 to my challenge Big Grin

Today's saving

November 28th, 2011 at 06:52 pm

I saved a buck today using a coupon for Chinet plates, I also studied so a dollar was added to the challenge and I went to the gym and added a dollar to the challenge as well. All in all $3 saved.

Goals met

March 3rd, 2009 at 06:27 pm

I met the bulk of my goals today and tomorrow should be a NSD
Today's things to do:
-Schedule dentist appt----done
-Reschedule advising appt----done
-Pick up pants from tailor---done
-Buy lotto ticket for work---done
-Pick up my free VS underwear(VS store close, go to another on Thursday)
-Deposit $15 check----done
-Drop package off at P.O----done
-Head to the library (work on paper/ finance)---done
-Create grocery list and pick up---done
Not too bad


February 1st, 2009 at 11:05 am

A new month and new goals. Well today I hit the gym my first of three for the week. Next I went to the grocery store and spent $13.29 not too bad, my goal is to not go back until next Sunday (fingers crossed). Any how I thought I had lemonade mix so I only bought 1 lemon and low and behold no mix. But I am determine not to go to the store until next Sunday so water it is. Besides water is healthier anyway.
I used the cc for my purchase in order to earn points and paid it off as soon as I got home, adding an extra $1.71 a dollar for going to the gym and .71 cents to round up to the nearest dollar (both part of my challenge). I got some home work done, not a lot but it's better than nothing tomorrow I'll hit the library. Now I am just hanging around waiting for the Superbowl...GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened?

January 31st, 2009 at 05:50 am

I have been eating healthier but haven't hit the gym in about a week and to be honest I really don't feel like going. But I'm going to make an effort tonight to go, I must. At almost $50 a month I need to go. Prior to classes starting I would go twice a day and now I hardly even go once
Today's going to be a long day because I am going to rearrange my storage. My BIL has his things there and has not paid 1 cent towards keeping it there but I am telling him this week to make some arrangements on getting his stuff out of there. I really never pushed the issue because prior to him and my sister losing their house I kept my stuff in their garage but now I have to pay and it has been about 6 months plus when I want to add things to the storage I can't because his things take up half the space....argghhhhh

$20 challenge

January 19th, 2009 at 06:33 pm

Ok I pretty much stayed in today and only studied for about 10 minutes Frown Then I hit the gym so $1 was paid towards my CC challenge next I went to Publix spent $17.13 on groceries(and only bought fruit no chip, dips etc) as well as personal items so I paid an additional .87 cents towards my cc (rounding up my change) I washed and curled my own hair saving $35 and I added this to my house fund
YTD challeng $1751.99

Work out

January 18th, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I am so glad I joined a 24-hour gym. Just left and it's a little before 2am. I had a great work out and I feel so good. Since school has started I can't really go every day but my goal is 3 times a week
$1 added to the challenge CC
YTD $1714.86

Why am I not surprised?

January 11th, 2009 at 04:57 pm

Called my sister today to tell her I was on my way to pick up my money since she never called to say she had it and of course she doesn't. She said she'll have it on Monday, now my thing is this I told her I needed it back by Friday (like she promised ) and that it was my tuition money (which it is not I lied). You think she would call and say I know I owe you but I will give it to you on Monday? Nope...that is what annoys me with her, when she says she's going to pay you she never does and avoids you like the plague. It wouldn't be so bad if she just called. So I politely told her (in a firm voice) that if she causes me to be dropped due to non payment it won't be nice. We'll see if she calls me Monday

On a different note I got a X-mas from freecycle for next year and hit the gym today so no money was spent, but I have none to add to my challenge...darn
I even managed to get a couple of hours in to study

Totally Forgot

January 4th, 2009 at 05:15 pm

I totally forgot that my sister asked to borrow $300 for her rent until Friday... she gets on my nerves with that $%%@# gosh. Last month she called and my uncle ended up lending her the money and now she's calling again. Why did she move into a place that she could not afford? Her and my BIL separated and she had been saying for a while that she was going to file for a divorce so why not look for a place in case you have to live on your own in which you can afford? And my BIL he is so pathetic how she ended up with him only God knows. Now he has his things in my storage you think that he would call me and say here is a few dollars? Nope, but the only reason why I have not called him is because before they moved they allowed me to store my things in storage but I have a trick for him. I am going to start buying things for my new house so that when I finally move I won't have to worry about anything and the first thing I am buying is a bed so he can get his crap out

Anyhow went to the gym so a buck was added to my cc challenge

washed my own hair but I have no money to add to the challenge for doing so but when payday rolls around I am adding $35 to the house fund


January 2nd, 2009 at 08:00 pm

Went to Target picked up only what I needed and used the 10% off coupon saving $1.07 so I paid this amount on the cc. It seems like my CC debt has not decreased one bit and I haven't charged a thing...darn interest. I have got to pay it off ASAP
Went to the gym so another buck was added to the cc challenge

$3 thus far

January 1st, 2009 at 03:01 pm

Well I added my buck earlier today and now I am adding $2 more to my challenge/ cc debt 1. had lunch at home and 2. going to the gym now. Oh and I forgot $2.25 was earned in interest for the challenge...I have to laugh to myself because a little over a year ago I was earning much more than this and I had a lot more saved.