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Monday Rambling

November 19th, 2018 at 03:30 pm

I’ve been saving for Christmas all year, I’m really surprised at this. My goal was $500 but I saved $245.69 as of today. Next pay day I’ll be adding $40 and another $40 right before Christmas, brining the total to $325.69. Not bad for the first year of doing so.

Reason why I didn’t hit my goal was that I had a few car repairs pop up and I chose to pay off the credit cards.

I was planning on getting my nephews a zoo pass for the year. The cost is $174 for two adults and as many kids as there are in the household. It’s a good deal but now that I’m closing on the house I don’t want to spend that on Christmas. I know I saved for it but I’d rather throw the difference into the house fund or pay my car insurance for three months.

Yesterday I ordered three pairs of kids PJs for the boys (nephews) at $5 each plus tax as part of their Christmas gifts. I think I’ll do movie passes $50 and keep the difference. Not sure.

It was a good day, today was the first time in weeks that I have not eaten out for breakfast or lunch. I usually spend $5.60 for breakfast and about $10 for lunch. So I’m add $5.60 to the house fund and $10 on CC9.

I rolled my coins that was in my mason jar, I had a whopping $46.50 this will be added to the HOA fund.

Memorial Day

May 28th, 2018 at 01:18 pm

Thank you to the men and women we lost, who served this great nation, for my freedom. Freedom is never free.

This Memorial Day, I did nothing. I just took this time to read about some interesting facts regarding the holiday while reflecting on what so many have gave.

I did manage to check somethings off my to do list, like balancing my checking and saving accounts, balancing one CC account and finishing up a report for an organization I belong to. I still have one more account to review but hey at least I'm on track.

I also tackled my May book. I have about 1.5 chapters to go and I'll be done for May. I'll be reading Suze Orman's Young, Fabulous and Broke for June. I've decided that I need to start budgeting $20 a month for books. I miss writing in them, taking notes and having the ability to refer back to them. I've been checking out books at my local library but I want to be able to refer back to my books. I did find a site called thrift books or something similar I can't remember, that sells books really inexpensive. Books over $10 have free shipping.

Last Zero Balance Budget of the Year - An ah ha moment

December 21st, 2017 at 07:26 pm

Though I went over budget with the holiday party I had an ah ha moment and I'm super proud.

This is the first year that I have actually cash 💰 flowed both Christmas 🎄 and the holiday party 🍷 🎉 .

I did not realize it but I cash flowed everything, not using one credit card. I'm super duper proud of myself. Every year I tack on an extra $600+ on the CCs 💳 but not this year. 😀

In financial news, I transferred the $165 out of the 52 week challenge account and will use this money to throw at CC3. I was planning on using this for an upcoming expense but with a little budgeting and saving I didn't have to.

I also returned some plywood to Home Depot that was to be used to board of the rental property, got $80 back. So I'll add a little to EF, sinking and CC3. I'll update later.

Lastly, I created my last zero balance budget that will carry me over into the new year. I calculated the car insurance/maintenance , birthdays, Christmas and sorority membership for the year (24 pay periods), total to add to the sinking fund $117. Though I'd rather not do this I know how important it is to sock this money away so that they'll be no stress or credit cards 💳 used.
* Car insurance for the year $1200
* Car maintenance $500 as needed
* Sorority $425 annually
* Christmas $600 (included holiday party)
* Birthdays $100
Total $2,825
24 pay periods $117.70

I know I'm missing something, just can't think of it right now, but hey, I can always adjust the budget 📝.

Oops I almost forgot, so far there's been 9 no sped days for December, can't wait to add this ($9+) to my snowball

BINGO and Debt

November 24th, 2017 at 05:21 am

Reviewed my envelopes and I have $346 left in all. Not sure what I started out with because a few dollars rolled over and I forgot to jot down how much. I know for the new budget period I withdrew $400. So I can say I've only really spent what carried over. A new period starts on the 30th. The goal is not to let this balance go under $300.

Every week I transfer the loose change to the change jar, this week it was $2.33. So I can say I'm doing pretty good.

I went to JC Penney's because they had men's holiday pajamas for $5. Every year I buy the fiancé a pair as a Christmas gift, I usually spend about $25.

Prior to heading to Penney's I visited the Ebates site because I wanted the 4% cash back, but then noticed the store was charging close to $4 to ship to the store and $9 to ship to the house. Since I was heading to my mom's and Penney's was on the way I stopped by. Picked up two pairs, one for next year. If we're not together I'd give them to my nephew as his gift. I'd budgeted about $100 for him for Christmas but so far has only spent a total of $22. We agreed to keep things at a minimum. I tried to get him to go with the no gifts, but since he's just starting on this process of saving and budgeting, I knew I had to give a little or I'd lose his interest. Compromise 🙄.

I do have one other item to purchase for him, either a watch or cologne and I'm done. I'm sure I can get a good deal on the watch for about $30 leaving me with about $50 to throw at CC2. The kids ( nephews) are getting magazine subscription for $15 each a total of $45 and my neice gets the free $25 MyPoints gift card. My other nephew who is older will get a $25 gift card and I still should have $25 left to throw at the CC2. Though I budgeted $150 total, this is 4x less than I normally spend, I'd like to stay under $125. Next year they'll be a sinking fund for the holidays.

All in all it was a pretty good day. I don't plan on leaving the house for the next two days, saving on gas ⛽️. I also picked up dinner for the next few days from my mom, so I'm good.

Now that I'm Dave Ramseying , lol, I've been on every money site, blog and Facebook group page there is. I saw this yesterday.

It's a BINGO card to save money, each week you pick a number and dump it into your savings. For me challenges are my motivation, so rather than throwing the funds at savings I'll be throwing it at my debt (CC2). There's even a zero to give you a free pass. So starting Monday, I'll be doing this. I realized that the money will be coming from my fun money.

First Holiday Gift Card

November 2nd, 2014 at 04:47 pm

I notice that over the years, I have always spent money on my BF kids during Christmas, but as of last year no more.

I would buy for his his kids, my nieces, nephews and God-daughter. I often thought what a waste of money. He can add my name to the gifts he buys and vice versesa. He never bought for my nieces and nephews so I'm okay with it. Nor did he buy for my parents, I often bought for his. It's crazy what I would spend during the holidays, but times are changing and as Dave Ramsey says, " I want to live live like no else so that later I can live like no one else."

I earned enough points to purchase a $25 Macy's gift card for my niece and a $25 Toys R Us gift card for my nephew. Two down and three to go.

I'll cash in my Humana points for a Target gift card to but my God-daughter, and two other nephews their gifts and then I am done.