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No more eating out

March 31st, 2006 at 12:00 pm

Here we are at the end of the month and I actually had 21.00(with in a few days I spent $20.00) left. Here are my totals for the month (I really need to cut out the dining out ASAP)

EF $673 loaned my brother $200.00 Frown
Misc Saving 134.00
$20.00 Challenge/new home $221.84
Auto (savings account) 39.64
Splurge account $51.00
Piggy bank 8.30
New furniture account $1.00...now that is terrible Smile
Auto/ gas 86.01 over by 6.01
Dining out 133.97 way over
Groceries 161.28 over gain

My total savings is $1145.78 (excluding the $200.00)
Wow I have got to slow down with all this eating out it's terrible. Pretty much every thing else was with in my budget

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