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April 18th, 2006 at 01:55 pm

Yeah it is payday and I just put away a lot here. There was an extra 12 hours yeah!!!!! Boss paid me for my lunches (marketing lunches). So here is the break down for all my accounts, thus far every thing has been paid for the month I also lent my bother again $225.00 leaving me with $128.00 for two weeks

$144.00 to EF Total $932.00
$67.50 Misc Account / total 67.50
$15.00 $20.00 Challenge total 280.84
$5.00 Car account /total $45.16
$70.00 College tuition Total $71.00 (this is a new account)
$15.00 IRA contribution/Total $601.37

Total savings: $316.50
CC /Debt
Macy’s paid $20.00 Balance: 346.73
Merrick Bank paid 300.00/ Balance $1456.73
Household Bank paid $26.00/Balance 763.32
Target paid $9.09/ Balance 0
Mom (personal loan) paid $50.00/ Balance $150.00
Capitol One paid $33.00/ Balance $972.85

Now for the month I have spent the following:
Personal Care: $150.32
Dining Out: $99.96
Groceries: $61.52
Gas; $50.00
Clothing $57.51
Gifts $30.00
Home Bills (phone, cell cable etc) $160.00
Leisure/Entertainment $40.00

So far so good

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