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Found it

June 30th, 2006 at 07:25 pm

Well went through my egister and found the $11.00 (additional to the challenge) I made an extra $15.00 on my part-time job and transferred $11.00 of that to the challenge. So I am glad it wasn't an error in which I would be deducting this amount from my challenge, I just forgot to add it so the total of $234.92 is correct SmileOn 6/8 I had $837.15 in the challenge account and was fustrated about all the money I owe on CC's and decided hey pay off the CC then I only had $49.00 now I am back up to $234.92 less than a month I was able to save $185.92 in about 3 weeks not to mention teh money I saved in My Misc account, Education account as well as my personal account totaling about $625.00 for the month Smile So I did very well for June

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