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Can't believe it

July 1st, 2006 at 07:12 am

I can not be lieve it is Jluy already. My goal for this month is to continue decreasing my CC debt and pay off CC 2 this month,the blance is $871.00. CC 2 the plans is to get it down to about $1500.00 from $1900.00 goal is to pay off by September. I also need to work on my grocery bill, I was bale to decrease it from $140.68 (40%) from the month before now to increasing this month ( June) by 21% to $170.33 Dinining out for May was 173.74 increased by 34%. Now ending in June I decreased my eating out by 47% to $91.80,. So even though I did really well with dining out the grocery bill went up. I decided to print a calendar for the month with what's for dinner on it for the month ans stick to that grocery bill I should save big time that way. We will see

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