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Debt Validation

July 20th, 2006 at 04:39 pm

My goal is to be debt free by 2007 and money in the bank. So I started with the debt validation process, first I disputed some things on my credit reports; Equifax was the first to respond. There are two MD bills, which I am sure I owe from the car accident I was in about 2 years ago. Anyway Equifax validated the debt, I have tried contacting this company since Monday...you are only able to leave message. So now I have decided to send them a validation letter, certified mail of course, in which they have 30 days to respond to my request, if not it gets deleted from my credit report. Can you believe I actually called them to pay the bill but they will not call back so hopefully they will not be able to validate and then it is gone. Next I sent out 12 letters all certified requesting that inquiries in which I did not authorize be removed, now that should boost my score

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