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Slacking or backsliding

September 7th, 2006 at 02:58 pm

I can say I have atually done some back sliding, I went shopping , bought clothes a notebook and have been eating out for lunch and dinner (this is a big no no). Well it is time to get back on track ASAP, what was I thinking...I guess I wasn't . So I just paid an extra $16.03 on my cc I guess it is not extra since I have added to the balance Frown

Spening thus far:
Gas $19.03
Clothing $33.98
Dining out $27.11 ;(
Gifts $19.43
Education $772.77
Groceries $30.71
Cleaning Supplies $8.84
Misc $193.69
Personal $5.92

And it is only the 7th no way Jose will I continue with this foolishness (spending)

3 Responses to “Slacking or backsliding”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    I don't personally like the words backsliding or slacking.

    What you did was act give other objectives you have priority. Relaxing in the evening (or sleeping in one morning) took priority over your objective of being frugal and saving money. I don't know the reason but the convience of eating won out over the frugality of packing your meal or eating at home.

    My suggestion is to make up a huge pot of something you love. Actually if you can do two things over the weekend you can have quite a lot of meals made up and ready to eat. Personally I'm thinking of making up a big pot of chilli and/or stuffed peppers. I'll then freeze it in meal sized containers so I can grab and go. Savings and healthier than the stuff I'd buy at a fast food place.

  2. baselle Says:

    Got bucked off the frugal horse - you've just got to get back on. Remember to forgive yourself.

  3. miclason Says:

    Mee, too!... (see my latest post: Sales and clearances)...but, like you, I'm trying to go back to where I was!

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