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Thank God I am not clueless

October 28th, 2006 at 07:56 pm

As you all know I work a part-time job and the security guard here has no clue. I have no idea why he is here. Why is it those who really need a job and will work can't find work and those who are useless always have a job? The fire alarm went off tonight so I radio him to let him know he needs to check the panel...he is going around and around then the fire department comes and wants to check the panel in the electrical room...guess what he has no idea where it is. He has been here for 3+ years walk the premises from 4 to 7 and then from 10 to 12 for 3 years and do not know where the electrical room is. I have been here only for a couple of months and he is asking me. When ever you ask him a question the answer is "I don't" Sometimes I just ask to be asking because I know the answer...he has never answered without saying "I don't know" I mean how can one do their job and feel productive when you absolutely have no clue

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