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Monthly Spending

October 29th, 2006 at 05:23 pm

I decided to review my spending for the month and it was not good. I really splurged this month and we still have two more days to go

CC Interest: $48.87
Cellphone $172.90 ( replacement phone)
electricty $162.87
Internet $23.41
Student loan $40
Telephone $39.31
water $43.08
Tithes $40
Clothing $85 (bookbag)
Dining $92.15
School Supplies $1.57
Gifts $28.62
Groceries $170.55
healthcare $51.65
Home supplies $9.90
misc $241.80
Personal care $28.81
Job exp (non refundable) $2.99
leisure $66.89 (software)
sales tax $7.29
Federal, SS, Medicare taxes: $456

Total $1966.09
Total income: $2826.34

Oops I forgot I paid a total of $1458.31 towards my cc

3 Responses to “Monthly Spending”

  1. JanH Says:

    You're going to have that credit card debt gone in no time.

  2. Breadmarket Says:

    keep it up.. your creditors must be shivering!!

  3. Jonathan Says:

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