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I got my job back

November 21st, 2006 at 02:45 am

Well I guess I never lost it, I was on administrative leave due to a resident dying and the security guard who I informed did not go into the apartment. Anyway my boss on my part-time job called and left me a message that I can return to work and to call her after my vacation on Monday just to over some things. Well I found out that the family was in town and they basically did not want me talking to them. Well I will get paid for the weekend that I missed (thank God)I am just happy to be back /to know I still have a job as easy as this one making money. Thanks to all of you who believed in me. I really needed the positive posts

5 Responses to “I got my job back”

  1. pjmama Says:

    Great news! Congrats!

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:


  3. rduell Says:

    That's great news!

  4. tinapbeana Says:

    YAY! glad to hear everything worked out as best it could

  5. LdyFaile Says:

    Yay glad to hear it all worked out ok in the end as far as your job is concerned.

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