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The totals are in

December 31st, 2006 at 06:39 am

I just went over my spending for December I was a little afraid but here it is...way too much on clothing,gifts and dining out, not to mention taxes. But at least the cc's are paid off and I can really start saving. Next I will look at my spending for the year also my misc. expenses are high because I had to lend my sister, friend and nephew some money
Category Total

Income Categories
Other Income $30.21
Refund $426.52
Reimbursement $200.00
Wages & Salary $4,222.50
Income - Unassigned $1.55
Total Income Categories $4,880.78

Expense Categories
clothing/accessories $30.58
Automobile $132.00
Bank Charges $10.48
Bills $488.78
Charitable Donations $50.00
Clothing $328.00
Dining Out $135.13
Gifts $350.98
Groceries $99.63
Healthcare $26.65
Insurance $207.44
Job Expense (non reimbursed) $3.73
Leisure $2.50
Miscellaneous $532.06
Personal Care $162.43
Sales Tax $51.27
Snack $0.99
Taxes $842.36
Vacation $100.00
Total Expense Categories $3,555.01

Grand Total $1,325.77

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