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Thus far

January 15th, 2007 at 07:16 am

I was reviewing my spending for the month, once again I am over on dining out and clothes Frown

Other Income
Other Income - Unassigned $22.21
Total Other Income $22.21
Refund $151.97
Wages & Salary
Wages/Salary Unassigned $1,295.20 1,295.20
Total Wages $1,295.20
Total Income $1,469.38 $1,469.38

Gasoline $58.08
Maintenance $222.58
Total Automobile $280.66
Cellular $75.52
Online/Internet Service $60.52
Student Loan Payment $56.00
Total Bills $192.04
Charitable Donations $21.00
Clothing $98.71
Dining Out $43.54
Books $92.25
Supplies $5.77
Tuition $357.70
Education - Unassigned $1.97
Total Education $457.69
Gifts $15.00
Groceries $62.58
Dental $11.65
Eyecare $11.94
Prescriptions $15.00
Total Healthcare $38.59
House Cleaning $5.14
Total Household $5.14
Job Expense
Non-Reimbursed $10.25
Total Job Expense $10.25
Newspaper $2.25
Total Leisure $2.25
Miscellaneous $149.11
Personal Care $47.51
Sales Tax $20.07
Snack $0.60
Federal Income Tax $117.06
Medicare Tax $18.79
Social Security Tax $80.30
Total Taxes $216.15
Expense - Unassigned $14.14
Total Expenses $1,675.03

Income less Expenses -$205.65

4 Responses to “Thus far”

  1. AutumnxButterfly Says:

    Do you use microsoft money for all of this? What version if so?

  2. Amber Says:

    yes I use MS Money 2005

  3. flinnie Says:

    That is a lot of work wish I could use my pc this way.Really don't know much about how to use this pc or to do things like this.

    Thanks for visting my blog.

  4. Amber Says:

    Flinnie, it is a lot of work but I am glad I am able to keep up with my transactions...this way I have a clue as to where my money is going

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