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ER vs. Walk in Clinic

April 22nd, 2007 at 07:34 am

Friday night my mom was in so much pain, her knee was swollen and she could hardly walk. So Saturday we decided to go to a walk in clinic thinking it will be quicker than the ER...how wrong we were. We were there from 10am until 12:30 before she was acutally called to the back to see the doctor. Then once in the back another hour before we actually saw the doctor. Total hours at the clinic 4 hours, I guess in the long run it was better than the ER. The last time I went I was there for 6 hours
Mom has Osteoarthritis in here knees so we will be trying therapy

1 Responses to “ER vs. Walk in Clinic”

  1. SkyeBlue Says:

    We have a new "Walk-in Clinic" here in town and the prices they charge people are outrageous. I took my neighbor up there for her appt. and the checked her in, she saw the Dr. for about 10-15 minutes, got 2 prescriptions and they charged her $300.00, that on top of what she had to pay at the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions! The joys of having no insurance.

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