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Glad it's over...

April 29th, 2007 at 05:03 pm

This month that is. I did not do well at all; over budgeted big time Frown

I did not even meet my $1000 mark for April in regards to the challenge, so for the month of May I have got to hit the $4000 mark in order to make up for April Frown this will be tough but I think I can do it

Any how here are my totals:
Monthly income and expenses

4/1/2007 through 4/30/2007

Subcategory Apr-07

Other Income
Gifts Received $18.49
Other Income - Unassigned $46.84
Total Other Income $65.33
Refund $121.85
Wages & Salary
Wages & Salary - Unassigned $3,107.88
Total Wages & Salary $3,107.88
Income - Unassigned $1.55
Total Income $3,296.61

Gasoline $106.18
Total Automobile $106.18
Cable/Satellite Television $81.87
Electricity $93.29
Online/Internet Service $60.52
Telephone $42.27
Water & Sewer $44.08
Total Bills $322.03
Charitable Donations $20.00
Clothing $321.50
Contact solution $2.24
Dining Out $193.60 Too high
Supplies $2.00
Tuition $100.00
Total Education $102.00 [b]
Gifts $105.74
Groceries $173.10
Dental $11.65
Physician $30.00
Total Healthcare $41.65
Job Expense
Non-Reimbursed $29.06
Reimbursed $43.98
Total Job Expense $73.04
Movies & Video Rentals $20.00
Newspaper $1.25
Total Leisure $21.25
Miscellaneous $49.33
Personal Care $173.82
Sales Tax $35.17
School Supplies $0.00
Snack $1.10
Federal Income Tax $310.49
Medicare Tax $45.07
Social Security Tax $192.69
Total Taxes $548.25
Expense - Unassigned $12.73
[b]Total Expenses $2,302.73

Income less Expenses $993.88

1 Responses to “Glad it's over...”

  1. Jay Says:

    You spend $180+ per month between TV/Internet/Phone service. If you look around you may be able to get an all-in-one deal for cheaper than that. Time Warner offers a 3 in 1 deal for around $120ish. Also, if you cut the cable out you can save even more money. I occasionally find your blog on pfblogs and I can't recall seeing you mention ever watching TV. That's an easy $80 in your pocket (or out of) right there. Almost $1000 a year you could save.

    Also, if you're still working 2 jobs you might be able to cut the internet bill down as well. Dial-up (sucks, I know) can be had for $10/month (saving $50), or if you have a laptop you can scope out the wifi spots in town and cancel your internet service altogether. I used to go to the public library and use their wifi for free.

    And the clothing expenses (and maybe the personal care, not sure what that includes?), even though you return a bunch of it that's kind of a bit much. Maybe not for a girl, but for someone trying to save money it is. I've seen you make a lot of progress over the last 6 months or so; if you can make the last few tweaks to step it up you'll really see some progress.

    Even if you cut those 5 categories in half (internet, cable, phone, clothing, personal care) you'd save an extra $300+ per month. That's $3600 per year.

    Good luck!

    Keep up the good work!

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