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Just paying bills and socking away money

May 17th, 2007 at 02:28 am

Today was payday, and I still had $63 left in my personal account and tomorrow is payday from my second job so I am doing great this month any how here is what was paid out and saved:

Month Ending 5/31/2007
Paycheck $1,031.70
Automobile : Gasoline -$33.70
Education : Tuition -$140.40
Bills : Cable/Satellite Television -$82.85
Bills : Telephone -$46.57
Bills : Electricity -$106.70
Orchard Household Bank -$100.00
Transfer To (Contributions) -$50.00
Bills : Cellular -$83.60
Transfer To :New Home -$103.00
Transfer To :New Car -$40.00
Transfer To : Publix Savings -$76.37
Transfer To : New Home -$0.15
Lakeside Methodist Church -$20.00
HSBC Mastercard -$49.27

New total for challenge $2529.18

1 Responses to “Just paying bills and socking away money”

  1. Amber Says:

    Sorry the Publix saving account is my EF

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