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July's numbers are in

August 4th, 2007 at 09:22 pm

I have got to really stop dining out. I know, I have been singing this song now for months but it is a drug I guess. I have over come my shopping addiction but can't over come the dining out syndrome
Frown Grocery bill is up as well, my miscellaneous is high because I let my sister borrow money, bought some ink for the printer a other non essential things; here are the numbers for last month

Automobile : Car Payment $158.48
Automobile : Gasoline $152.03
Automobile : Maintenance $451.85
Bank Charges : Interest Paid $5.04
Bills : Cable $68.14
Bills : Cellular $58.30
Bills : Electricity $148.95
Bills : Online/Internet Service $121.72
Bills : Telephone $80.54
Bills : Water & Sewer $41.39
Charitable Donations $40.00
Clothing $16.99
Dining Out $83.40
Education : Supplies $3.03
Gifts $47.35
Groceries $190.28
Healthcare : Dental $31.65
Healthcare : Eyecare $2.79
Healthcare : Physician $30.00
Healthcare : Prescriptions $15.00
Household : Furnishings $14.99
Household : House Cleaning $14.66
Insurance : Automobile $236.30
Leisure : Newspaper $2.50
Miscellaneous $252.85
Personal Care $92.37
Sales Tax $12.20
School Supplies $0.47
Snack $5.98
Taxes : Federal Income Tax $283.64
Taxes : Medicare Tax $42.35
Taxes : Social Security Tax $181.07
Total Expense Categories $2,886.31

Grand Total -$2,886.31

2 Responses to “July's numbers are in”

  1. Katherine Says:


    I stumbled accross your blog looking for something unrelated but I did want to leave a comment.

    I see that you phone + internet + cable is about $270/month, which is just crazy. I don't know if you have Comcast in your area, but they are offering the three (phone with unlimited long distance, basic cable and DSL) for $99/month (before taxes).

    If you don't have Comcast, take a look at any of your providers of phone/internet/cable and see if you can't get some sort of combo deal - it would definitely be worth it!

    Good luck!


  2. Amber Says:

    Thanks for the tip

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