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$5 gift

December 21st, 2007 at 10:22 pm

Received a card today from one of the patients which had $5 in it, so I applied it to my cc instead of the challenge. I have no idea when the CC went up so much, I did pay for my classes (over a $1k) and my dental work, boy it really adds up

4 Responses to “$5 gift”

  1. EnglishTeacher Says:

    What strategies would you suggest for paying down student loans, seeing as you have a zero balance on yours?

  2. Amber Says:

    I actually did the Dave Ramsey plan, I tackled the smallest debts first (1-3 credit cards) which gave me as sense of accomplishment and then I moved onto those accounts with the highest interests (which included my student loan) I had that loan for about 10 years or more and when I called in to inquire about my final payment the guy said to it is amazing that you were able to pay off your loan, so many people do not and congratulations

    Last year this time I was debt free and now I have racked up the cc this month, which include dental work and tuition. I will have it paid off by the end of January because I am going to stop funding my house fund

    Good luck , I hope this helped (the first paragraph anyway)
    Oh I forgot when I paid off one debt I applied the money I was paying on it to the next one and if I had an extra $1 I would pay it on the loan, anything to get it down

  3. scfr Says:

    What a nice gift! It's always nice to know you are appreciated by your customers, isn't it?

  4. Amber Says:

    Yes, SCFR; You know it was only $5 but I appreciated it more than the $30 GC I received...I guess becuase he was so sincere

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