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$3 for Survey

December 22nd, 2007 at 01:41 am

Got my second check from Pinecone Smile and added it to my visa payment. The goal is the have this card paid off by January 31st. No way am I going back into debt

I also ate out today Frown $8.50 so I added this amount to my challenge, new total $7035.51

Remember that $5 payment on the my auto loan and the girl was laughing, well the check cleared the bank and it is not posted to my account....arrrrrrrgh

You know I will be contacting them first thing in the morning

11 Responses to “$3 for Survey”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    I just did a Pinecone survey today. They don't come often but every little bit helps.

  2. Aleta Says:

    Sometimes they get slow and sometimes they come one right after another. What is great is when they give you a product to test and they pay you for that as well. It's really pretty interesting.

  3. Amber Says:

    I did test a product, is it a lot more?

  4. EnglishTeacher Says:

    $5 on the auto loan is better than $0! Keep it up!

  5. koppur Says:

    do you have any invites to pinecone? do you know where I can go to sign up wit them? I've been dying to do it for a while but can never get signed up...

  6. Amber Says:

    there was a blog that provided a website that had the link but I am not sure whose it was, I can't remember. I did however have a request looking for men only; unfortunately, if I ever get one I will send it to you.
    I did check all the blogs (titles only) back to November 14 but could not find it

  7. koppur Says:

    thanks sunshine!

  8. disneysteve Says:

    I just got a $5 payment from Pinecone for a survey I did the other day. I have mine go to my Paypal account.

  9. Amber Says:

    DS having the deposits to paypal is it faster?

  10. disneysteve Says:

    Amber, I don't know for sure if it is faster or not since I have no way to compare, but I'd guess that it is since I don't have to wait for them to mail me a check and I don't need to deposit that check and wait for it to clear. Plus, my checking account doesn't earn interest but my Paypal account does, so this way it goes directly into my interest-bearing account automatically.

  11. Amber Says:

    I did not know you can earn interest with paypal. I have an account but it seems like a haggle to transfer funds to my checking. I actually completed the survey on the 19th and the check came today, not too bad

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