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I knew it

April 19th, 2008 at 06:24 am

Well Friday has come and gone and of course my sister did not pay me back and the funny thing is, I am not mad. Of course I knew she would not, I guess I am using this as leverage because as long as she owes me she won't ask to borrow any money and if by chance she gets the nerves I will simply remind her she owes me $100 already
On a different note, I just paid our water bill which was up by $3 and I do not know how since we are on water restrictions. But what can you do

4 Responses to “I knew it”

  1. SkyeBlue Says:

    Maybe all of us ( as in your readers) need to make a pact to not loan out anymore money, a "Spring Resolution"! I loaned my stepson $350.00 back in November 2006 (yes, 2006) plus $10.00 here and $20.00 until the balance is up to probably $450.00 or more and so far he has only paid me back MAYBE $200.00 of it. The "ATM of SkyeBlue" is closed! The only money I plan on giving out is to people in need, anonymously, from now on. That I consider tithing and don't expect repaid of course. It seems the more you give the less people appreciate it and take advantage of you.

    I'm tempted one day to ask all the people I have loaned money to, and not been repaid, if I can borrow some money and see what kind of caring reaction I get! Do you think they would be as generous with us as we have been with them? :-)

    Now I just have to work on getting neighbors to not ask constantly borrow our phone and friends and family not to want to use our computer. I think they must think the magical internet and telephone fairies pay the bills on them every month.

  2. veronak Says:

    I know what you mean by neighbors borrowing, I had one that wanted to borrow a pot and a knife and fork of course I said no. Then she came to borrow a broom
    I know I have said in the past that I would not lend my sister any money, but this is my way of getting her off my back because as long as she owes me she won'y ask...so I am not even asking her for the money back

  3. Aleta Says:

    Maybe in your case when you sister asks for money, you could offer only a smaller amount. If she wants $100, tell her you only have $25. and that you need it for your bills. Sometmes it is better to lose a little money than a lot. She will have to go to someone else to get the 75. needed of the hundred.

    You have your own debts to pay. You're not in a position to be be lending out money. What do you think is going to happen the day you graduate and are making more money? If you think they are asking you now, I can imagine what they will expect in the future.

    You're going to have to break their plate sometime Amber. We've tried doing the same helping people but they just get progressively worse and more dependent upon other people.

  4. veronak Says:

    You are right Aleta

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