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The time has come

May 22nd, 2008 at 11:21 pm

Well tomorrow is the big day, I am heading to the dentist and next week I am going to go ahead and fix the tooth that was giving me problems last year before that starts up. So when it is said and done I should be about $3k in the hole.
Everyone knows that I work a part time job with an idiot as a manager, anyhow I get a letter from her yesterday regarding my raise since I am on final warning I did not get one, which doesnt bother me but what does is the fact that a resident 3 months ago wrote a letter about how professional I was and she said not one word as if it did not exists. So I emailed her and the direct of HR who stated he received the letter and it was in my employee file, and that it wasnt given to my boss but her boss, here is my response:

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it. It's just that I was never told and was reminded of my errors; it would have been nice if management would acknowledge it, being that it is their duty to provide not only a positive environment but feedback as well. Again thank you, have a great holiday weekend

The funny thing is, is that if the resident never told me I would have never known? And even if it was given to my boss boss you mean to tell me she doesnt have sense enough to tell me. The bottom line is she doesnt like me and I dont like her

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  1. koppur Says:

    good luck with the tooth!!!

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