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saved a buck

May 25th, 2008 at 02:57 pm

Used a coupon yesterday at Publix and saved $1 on plastic cups so I am adding this amount to my challenge. On a different note my laptop is giving me problems; I think there is a shortage so I am taking it in to be service next week. In the mean time I am going to buy a passport to back up all my files and free up space, I think that is the best thing, the funds will come from my misc. account since I am really not saving for anything in particular and I have $447 in that account. But I will use the BoA card in order to get the points and then pay the bill once I get home
As far as the tooth goes, looks like I am pain free Big Grin I am still swollen but experiencing little or no pain.
Tuesday I am off and will finally drop off the paper work for the grant for the new home. I filled it out just never dropped it off, I am a little nervous...more like scared. Of what I do not know, I lived on my own before with no problems and then I wasn't as conscious as I am now about money
New total for the challenge $5824.38

2 Responses to “saved a buck”

  1. koppur Says:

    Glad the tooth is better!

  2. Jeff Clair Says:

    Amber, it’s interesting.

    The intelligent way to start saving money is starting from small saving as a penny saved is like a penny earned. Obviously, it doesn’t looks like big money but in the long run it definitely makes a lot of difference.

    Jeff Clair

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