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What a day

June 1st, 2008 at 01:19 pm

I went into my part time job yesterday after having two weeks off. I was in such a good mood and then an incident occurred with a resident who is not allowed in the main building. The security guard basically told me to mind my own business well I am on final and written warning so I contacted my boss and guess what she did not want me to write the notes in the log (mind you it is company policy to do so) but to write a report and slip it under her door. Well I did that in addition to sending her a email so that I can have proof of what took place and I also noted on the note "per your request” so that there is no misunderstanding in the future; since there always is
On a different note my mom who if you have a nickel wants at least half of that made me so mad last night when I came home. One of the resident who passed away thought enough of me to leave me some perfume and a beautiful handkerchief and when I said to her Mrs. H left me something she says I hope it is money. I was so was more less the way she said it. Like it didn't matter what she left if it wasn't money
As far as the challenge goes $14.29 ws added in interest yesterday so my new total $5851.51

2 Responses to “What a day”

  1. koppur Says:

    Sorry yesterday was a rough day. Hope today is better!

  2. MariRDH Says:

    Just try to ignore your mother. You and I both know how special it is that that sweet lady thought enough of you to leave you a gift. You are a very special caretaker and they are all lucky to have you!

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