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Nice day

June 15th, 2008 at 04:43 pm

Today was not a bad day. I went by my brother’s shop, I have no idea what he is planning but I think he should look for a job. He has all this stuff (junk) that he wants to sell and make money. Grant it some of the stuff he may sell but a lot of it is junk and I have tried telling him that there must be a demand for his stuff to sell. He has really old books, not in good condition, old vinyl albums in pretty good condition but who are buying these items. I know that there are collectors but when I checked EBay to see what some of them was selling for they were going for $2.99. I mean is it worth it after shipping and paying EBay
Anyhow, I did not get a chance to see my dad today but I was able to speak with him, he does not celebrate Father’s Day (he’s Jehovah Witness) but I was finally able to use my $30 beach sticker, I bought with the intentions of hitting the beach every weekend for the summer but now that I am no longer on the part time job I guess I will. The sun was so hot and the water was so cold (to me anyway) but it was still beautiful. I use to live a little north of here and always went to that beach because of the shops but I hit my local beach today and it was beautiful one of the best I have seen. So guess where I am going next week.
Then I came home took and shower and then a nap. I actually saved $45 today because I washed and colored my own hair so I added that to the EF and not one coin spent today

8 Responses to “Nice day”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I wish I lived close enough to go to the beach every weekend! Sounds like you had a good day Smile

  2. scfr Says:

    Have I mentioned lately how much I admire you for doing your own hair?

  3. veronak Says:

    thanks Scfr

  4. koppur Says:

    Congrats on the NSD!

  5. whitestripe Says:

    is fathers day religious?

  6. veronak Says:

    Greengirl I would say no but who kows he and I are totally opposite when it comes to faith

  7. whitestripe Says:

    oh ok Smile

  8. Aleta Says:

    My friends family are Jehovah's Witnesses and she has a hard time with the holidays as well with her family. They don't like celebrating any day per se. It's difficult for her little ones who see their friends enjoy the holidays freely and yet her family won't come over for one of the meals. But that is their choice and you have to respect it.

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