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Not to bad

June 15th, 2008 at 01:27 am

I spent $4.98 on my God daughter’s birthday gifts. Her birthday is the end of the month and thank goodness Kohls sent out two $10 GC if you spent $10. Well yesterday I went in and the items came to $13.98 ( I did not realize that the shorts were eight dollars) but oh well and today I went in a found a really cute dress for $11 so $1 and some change was spent and I am done, unless I get another.
Next I ordered Directv for my dad because my brother is moving in and would like it, I had a refer a friend coupon and since I referred him I will save $10 a month on my bill for five months and my dad will save the same . God forbid if they gave you the $50 at once but oh well. I have to remember to add the $10 to my challenge every month
I did go to McDonald's today and spent $3.31 so $3 was added to my EF plus the $20 saved with the GC

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