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I miss my computer

June 27th, 2008 at 08:53 pm

Of course Bestbuy's Geeksquad still have not given me back my computer. I went ahead and ordered a MAC. I know I know, I really do not have the money it is coming out of my challenge but I am sick of the PC always acting up and now that I am back in class I need a computer like ASAP. I will try and sell the other one, it is practically new. When I ordered the Mac they also had an offer for a free iPod which I have been dying for.In the mean time I have to check my emails at work which sucks and it is the end the month and I need to balance my checking accounts and I do not have my computer
On a different note I have not eaten out once this week so I added $12 to my EF ($2 x 5 days plus I bought a candy bar for $1 so I doubled this amount and added to the EF) My brother called and said he will be sending me my check for $500 and this will be added to my EF account as well

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