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Life with out a PC

July 2nd, 2008 at 02:51 am

Life with out my laptop has been tough, I mean I do miss the internet but the problem is I am unable to input my data into my MSMoney software which is a huge set back for me. Right now I am unsure of my balances, I mean I know that there are funds availbale but it is a matter of how much. I have been using the cc recently and am unable to really know what is going on.
Anyhow Bestbuy said it will be up to 5 weeks before I get my new laptop back, which I plan on selling on Ebay since I have since ordered a MAC (too many problems with PC) In the end I could have simply replaced the LCD screen on the one that burned out(about $200+ labor) oh well.
Today was payday and I paid my car payment, $200 on the cc(not nearly as much as I owe) cell phone bill, mom's cell phone, water bill. Atleast I was able to add $130 to my EF and $10 to my vacation accout as well as $25 to my IRA
well just wanted to catch up with every one I do have a ton of other things to post but I need to get some ore studying in (account test)
I forgot a light buld went off and I hooked up my old laptop whose LCD burned out and hooked it up to my old moniter Smile so I am able to check emails and accounts

4 Responses to “Life with out a PC”

  1. Analise Says:

    You will like your Mac. I have been a Mac user since they came out (circa 1985). They have an easy-to-use graphical user interface and are extremely reliable.

  2. Buget Mama Says:

    I have been using a PC for the longest, and I have definitely dreamed of owning a MAC. We have MS Vista and I am not liking it at all! I have heard nothing but good things about the MAC.

  3. Lost in Debt Says:

    My laptop and time on the internet is my favorite part of my day. Hope you up and running again soon.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    If your don't mind your financial info online, I say give Mint a try. I've been pleasantly surprised how much I've been liking it so far.

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