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Warning long post

July 20th, 2008 at 07:24 pm

First Friday was payday and I was able to sock away the following:
$25 IRA
$400 to EF ($20 was saved on the DirecTV bill for referring a friend)
$50 towards the challenge
On a different note, my mom is not speaking to me because I told my sister what her in-laws said. My mom who asked me not to say anything was very upset but I was compelled to let my sister know, besides anything I tell her she repeats. Anyhow she (my sister) moved into her apartment which I told her to get a two bedroom and she ended up with a 3 so that her loser son can move in, well her and my BIL are now separated and her son is no longer living with her. He cussed her so badly and threaten to kill her (I must say that this is the second time he has done this) He is such a loser; he won't work and is on probation for theft. You would think that she would stop getting him out of trouble but that is definitely not an option. Now she is stuck with this three bedroom apartment that she can not afford and still owes me $40 that I can kiss good bye. I said to her since you haven't been in the place for a week, speak with the leasing office and try to get a smaller place; her response "no I like it here" I know she is holding on just in case my nephew needs a place to stay. I am sorry I love him but he would not be living with me not after threatening me twice. There are too many kids who actually follow through with their threats. Now her second son the one who was diagnosed with schizophrenia is practically living with this girl and her mother who wants him to marry this girl so that she can get her papers (green card or visa, I don't know) he has stopped taking his meds and I have tried as well as my sister to tell him to come from over there, and go home but a hard head makes a soft you know what. He too is no longer working thanks to his loser brother (he actually got him a job where he was working) who cussed out the manager . Unbelievable

6 Responses to “Warning long post”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I had an adopted daughter who did nothing but use me for money. I finally quit bailing her out of all her jams and troubles, so she has very little to do with me. You just have to cut the cord and let them go.

  2. JanH Says:

    Oh, wow. We've had a few of our extended family members and friends threatened by husbands, boyfriends, or guys who wanted to be one. Two of the women are no longer alive now. So, we take those kinds of threats extremely seriously. It must be terrible for it to come from your child. If he continues to threaten her, she needs to know what to do. I wonder if there is some kind of agency in place now to help women (or anyone) that has been threatened know how to deal with the situation. If it is possible that he is also mentally ill, she needs to know how to deal with him. Maybe, some kind of counseling for her? I can understand your concern!

  3. Amber Says:

    You know Jan there are a ton of places but the problem is that she is in denial. She has spoiled those kids and bailed them out so many times, she is the type who wouldn't pay her mortgage to get this kid out of jail(actually he has). In addition, my mom wasn't the best either so I think she tries to make up for it (being there for kids on everything, since mom wasn't) but you definately have to cut them loose

  4. Analise Says:

    Sadly, it is all too common that parents who bail-out their children are really not helping them in the long run... in many cases, it just enables deadbeat behavior. In the case of my DSD and DSS, it was not until their father (my DH) stopped bailing them out that they finally began taking some responsibility for their finances. Although they have a LONG WAY to go, it is a start.

  5. koppur Says:

    I'm so sorry all this is going on. How old are your nephews? I was just wondering because if the one whose girlfriend wants to marry him for the green card is under 18, your sister can legally keep them from getting married. I think the only way your sister will realize she can't keep doing what she is doing financially is if she gets into a place where she has no money, and cannot pay rent, groceries, etc and is literally on the streets. That being said, I don't think you or your family would let it get that far, so I don't know if she will ever change.

    But on the bright side, kudos for your FAB addition to the EF!! Smile *hug*

  6. Amber Says:

    koppur bith are in their early 20s

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