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Well rested

December 25th, 2008 at 06:35 pm

I should be well rested, I slept majority of the day.
I can say this Christmas I made out like a bandit; I only spent a total of $4 and some change on gifts. Thank goodness all the toys were given to me for my God daughter and her sister, my nephew and the two other gifts I bought I had $10 JC Penney coupons so I only had to pay the difference
Mom made the roast beef that I loved so dinner was great. Unfortunately I have not heard from the guy I had met which I was a little down because of that but oh well. I made a point to not call him any more I was hoping things could have worked out but after my trip there and the way he was acting I knew deep down that things were not going to go any where
On different note I did not spend any money today so $2 was added to my challenge/house fund

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