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$124.12 Left

December 30th, 2008 at 09:09 pm

Well I have a $124 left in my checking 1 account to last me for two weeks but I have to get an oil change and have my tires rotated which is about $80. Oh I forgot I have about $40 left in cash. Maybe I'll put the tire rotation off until next pay check
Glad I was able to fund my house/EF fund not by much but something. My goal is to not spend a dime on anything if I can help it until next pay period
Wages & Salary
Gross Pay $1,174.13
Total Income $1,174.13

Cellular $101.47
Charitable Donations $20.00
Car Loan - Interest $118.27

Mom's cell $40.00
Federal Income Tax $121.74
Medicare Tax $17.02
Social Security Tax $72.80
Total Taxes $211.56
Electrcity $113.97
Total Utilities $113.97

Total Expenses $605.27

Auto Loan -$263.02

Income less Exp $305.84

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