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What a day

December 31st, 2008 at 12:23 am

Well I have a lot to blog about (sorry for the long post)
First, I just realized that I am going to have to cancel my appointment for an oil change as well as tire rotation until next pay period and besides I still have about 200 miles to go before I actually need one. I also have to cancel my dentist appointment for the crown until mid February. I totally forgot about my storage bill of $48.47 this amount is automatically charged to my BoA cc on the first so I went head and paid it in addition to adding $2.00 for going to the the gym

Now on to family and friends, My mom and I go to TJ Maxx home store and on the way she says oh I left my CC but I am not buying anything (my mom is a saver and will save every dime so I wasn't worried) But we get to the home store and she finds some things and asked if I can charge Arrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I am so annoyed because I do not want to charge anything, I MEAN NOTHING. I know my mom will give me the money that's not even the point because she's good about paying bills and saving ( I wish I was more like her when it comes to money) but I simply do not want to charge thing any more bottom line; needless to say I charged $48 worth of stuff

Now my sister (oh boy) About 2 weeks my sister called to borrow $300 I lied and told her I had the money in a different account and if I transfer the funds it will take 2-3days before I can get it. So she says to me go ahead and transfer the money and I will call my uncle. Well she called my uncle who loaned her the money. She paid him back. Well today she calls and she says to me, did you transfer the money? Well she caught me off guard and I said to her no because you borrowed the money from N. She then says well transfer it because I need to pay my rent and she'll give it back to me next Friday. Now this is my savings for my new house and I do not want to touch it but I told her it was the money for my tuition. If was I thinking I would have told her I already used it to pay my tuition (lie of course) Now when she borrowed the money two weeks ago, it was to pay her rent (of course she was late) now two weeks later she need to borrow money again. It is obvious she can not afford this place. I told her when she was looking for a place to move into a two bedroom but because her two boys was going to live with her and my BIL. But according to her they needed their own space and she wanted them to be comfortable (These are grown $%$% men). First of all she just lost her house, which was a 3 bedroom; how come the kids couldn't share a room and if they wanted their own space then they should buy or rent their own place. Then her and my BIL separated about a week after they moved into this 3 bedroom apartment, my middle nephew who is so disrespectful cussed her really bad and moved out (mind you he’s in his twenties and do not work so it wouldn’t make a difference if he was there or not) and now her youngest son has decided to live basically with his girl friend and go to her place (my sister’s) to eat and shower. Come on !!!!!!!!
Either way I said Ok but she won’t get it until close to her payday to ensure I get my money. I will tell her the funds were transferred on Tuesday and if she's late with her rent then that is her problem

On to a friend of the family. My brother use to date this woman who had custody of her grandson after they broke up she stopped her grandson from seeing my brother. Ok we have not seen him in years I would say maybe 10 (he’s 18 now) well all of sudden he started coming around and I had this bad vibe about him, couldn’t put my finger on it. So my mom and uncle would give him a few dollars here there. First he tells my mom he has a job, only to tell me that he never told her that. Then he comes here with a necklace that is worth $600 but he is selling it for $50 hmmmmmmm. Anyhow his uncle is still friends with my brother and told my brother to let us know to watch him because he has been breaking into homes (I knew it was something) Well for about 3 weeks he has not been here and today he shows up. Asking my mom if he and his girl friend can move in because his grandmother put them out accusing them of using her credit card and charging $1600. WHAT! He say’s that there were times when she (grandmother) would send them (he and girlfriend) to the store and they never remembered her pin number and would have to call her for it, yeah right. And the kicker is who ever used the cc withdrew $400 one day and went to the mall the next. Yeah and we’re suppose to let you move in?

Now after I had a chance to calm down from today’s events my phone rings and it is my nephew (my sister's son) can he borrow $10…WTF!!!!!! I am really pissed because my sister had previously informed me that on Saturday he came home to let her use the car (hers was repoed) she goes on to tell me that on Saturday he comes in and ask to borrow $10 for lunch and he was paid on Friday. Now why is it Saturday and you do not have any damn money? You’re not paying rent, water, electric or anything else. He’s got this girl friend with a baby who I think is taking advantage of him. First of all he has a learning disability in addition to schizophrenia. The girl friend who is not from the U.S. is dying to get married. First it was her mother with only a few months to live and they needed to get married, next she was moving to Canada and needed to get married then they were going back to Haiti and needed to get married…unbelievable

I cant wait to get to the gym to release some stress

2 Responses to “What a day”

  1. swimgirl Says:

    Wow. All I can say is, "Wow."

  2. whitestripe Says:

    as above. wow.

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