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January 8th, 2009 at 07:43 pm

Well my winning streak for not dining out ended today. Came home from work to have lunch and mom decided she wanted my turkey and left me enough for a half sandwich Frown I'm not annoyed that she had it only annoyed that I'm the only one who ever buys it.And Boar's head is not cheap. Anyhow I was starving and heading to gym so I stopped at McDonald's and got a kids meal costing me $3.30 so $6.60 was paid on the BoA cc/challenge.
Today was the first day of class which I'm happy with because the instructor seems to be really nice and I'm closer to graduation. The only problem was the book cost me $167 arrrrgh. I emailed the instructor prior to class for the ISBN number and never got a response so I had to buy it today. But I am really considering copying the first few chapters and ordering online, the international version for about $40 plus shipping
I always buy international books which are the same material but are in black and white...like who cares, but we'll see

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