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Tday's Spending and Restaurant.com

January 21st, 2009 at 07:30 pm

Today I bought a bunch of newspapers only because I collect them when there are major events (9/11, the death of JFK.Jr etc) but the only problem is I can not remember what I paid for for themFrown
I put in a buck for the Powerball at work and went to Staples for school supplies ($4.78)rounded up the change and added it to the challenge cc. Also went to the gym so another buck added to cc
On a different note I got an email stating you can get $25 restaurant coupons for $5 so if any one is interested follow the instructions below:
I am not dining out until I get this cc paid off but thought this was a great buy Getting your gift certificate is this simple:

1. Click on the following link:

Text is http://www.ingoodhands.com/ and Link is
http://www.ingoodhands.com/ 2. Drag your mouse over the photo of the table place setting in the lower right corner that says “Special Offer!”
3. Click on the yellow oval that says “Start looking”
4. Enter the restaurants.com site to choose the restaurants you like, select the number of gift cards you want and proceed to checkout. Don’t forget to put in the Promotion code “ALL”
5. Print your gift certificate and go eat!

1 Responses to “Tday's Spending and Restaurant.com”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I have the Memphis newspaper about Elvis' death. I like to collect newspapers too. I have one printed during the civil war.

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