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May 6th, 2009 at 10:14 am

Ok this post is not about finances but about people in my life.
First my sister, even though she has not asked to borrow money she may as well had. For months my mom and I have been taking her to and from the train station and she has yet to offer any gas money. It's really not even the point about the gas it's the point that she doesn't even offer or maybe ask her sons once a week to pick her up. I'm simply tired and so is my mom, it not like she lives close. I know if she gave me $5 she would be short on her rent or lights or something, the point is just offer let me say no and ask your kids some times
Next a friend of mine, boy it is true when you see some one and think they are doing great you simply really don't know. Ok C is behind on her mortgage which is going into foreclosure, her lights were turned off and her car which was paid off she took out a loan and is now behind. Her husband was living with her and now he is gone (she was behind prior to him leaving). After being informed that her lights were off I felt really bad and sent her $20 I figured she could at least buy dinner or something I know it's not much. Anyhow she called her dad up who asked her to get all her finances in order (totals) basically he wired her $15k to pay her bills. What does she do? Buy a new laptop, fix her desk top computer, a new Iphone, buy mother day's card and gift cards her her mom, aunts and cousin---gift card? come on. Now I am pissed because I sent you $20 that I myself don't have and you basically waste the money your dad gave you. I said to her pay off your truck which was about $7k and I know her dad included this amount in the money he sent her, she tells me she can't live in a truck. Umph I say call the bank and try and get this resolve the longer you wait the more fees they are tacking on(regarding her mortgage). She says she knows. I am thinking to myself you have got to be kidding me. The longer you hold onto this money the more you're going to nickle and dime through it. I even said to her go down to the bank, in person and try and get this thing resolve, did she budge? Of course not. If I came into $15k I would pay my car off and the 1 cc that I owe. Plus she is not working. Then on Sunday she went to some festival she has dined out every day for the last few weeks and then she gets upset because her dad is calling questioning what she has done with her money...unbelievable

2 Responses to “Venting ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I doubt your friends Dad will loan her more money in the future...at least I hope not!

  2. veronak Says:

    @ Creditcardfree, I just found out that this is the second time he has bailed her out. I think that if there is a next time she won't ask because she was complaining that he keeps calling and asking her if she had gotten everything taken care of and that he was making her feel like a little girl and now she may send the money back...which be both know she won't

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