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November 23rd, 2011 at 01:35 pm

You know sometimes my mom thinks my BF is her BF. She is retired, home all day and says to me when I got home that she forgot to buy stuffing. Being that I am on a budget and she gets food stamps, I say "I wish I had known prior to coming home but I am not going back out, because my mechanic is coming to check out my car which is acting up." Her response, "Call BF and tell him to go" First of all his money is not your money, secondly he is at work until late, third you get food stamps and fourth you have been home all day not doing a thing. Not to mention his account has just been wiped clean (she isn't aware but its not her business either).

So I respond saying, "Well BF will not be home until late." Her response, "Well I guess we won't have stuffing" Really? You're that lazy and cheap? The reason why I say cheap is because she always mention that my "BF must make enough money" I can't stand when others count someone else money.

Sorry I just had to vent

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