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One thing I hate

November 25th, 2011 at 10:54 am

One thing I hate is an unsupportive individual. I am back at blogging which helps me keep track of my finances here, no one knows I blog about my finances and I'd like to keep it that way

In addition, I collect points from miscellaneous sites such as: MyPoints and ShopKicks. Once I accumulate enough points, I cash them in for gift cards which I use as gifts. Well the BF and I were out and about and of course I was trying to collect points so that I can get a gift card for his daughter for Christmas. Well long story short he was very annoyed that I wanted him to drop me off at the mall entrance while he parks so that I may collect 300 points and I ended up not going to the entrance.

This really irritates me, yes I have not discuss my financial position with him but he knows this year we're both financially strapped. After I explain to him that right now I have enough points for a five dollar gift card, it's black Friday and you can earn 3x as many points and that I am very close to a $25 GC it was almost if he was "so embarrass" that I was doing so.

Well I have decided that he and I will no longer go shopping together, because as long as I'm saving I will collect points where ever I am and if he is embarrass then we won't go together.

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