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Happy Saturday

November 26th, 2011 at 08:17 pm

Well today I tried to mend a friendship between two friends, I am friends with both women who are not speaking to each other but I have learned to stay out of it. So with that said no more bringing folks together. I'll just remain friends with both.

On a different note my brother gave me $300 to get my mom a tv for Christmas, I was trying to find the best deal for the best buck but ended up spending $295, so I earned five bucks on the deal. So $5 was added to my challenge/EF--I do think I got a really good deal on the TV

I also studied today for a little while and added a $1 to my challenge/EF. Total added today to the challenge $6

On a different note, the BF ask if I wanted to head out to breakfast, we're both in the hole so I said to him "I have no money" his response. "Me either" so then I respond "We shouldn't be going" In the end, I cooked breakfast at home for both us saving over $30.

I picked up my 3 free picture collages from Walgreens and I must say they look great. I was able to get three free, I had the BF sign up as well as my sister. Lol I know some would say I am cheap but I am saving money.

I have a $10 GC from VS, I hope I am able to find a $10 night gown or even one for $12. They usually have them on clearance it will be a great Christmas gift for my cousin or BF daughter.

1 Responses to “Happy Saturday”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    I only got one photo collage, but it is sweet to get them free, isn't it? Nice job on the breakfast! We almost got a take-out pizza last night, but I made one in about 10 minutes with the refrigerated pizza dough that is going to be a new staple. It gets to be a habit after a bit--

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