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I can't believe it

November 30th, 2011 at 07:09 pm

I can not believe it. First I made a special trip on my way home from class to Best Buy in order to earn 225 points just for walking in, and of course my ShopKick is not working properly Frown

Next, I go to my dad who has told me since October that he was not interested in changing his Medicare part D prescription drug plan (which I advised him to since his meds were not covered under his currently plan) but low and behold 7 days before enrollment period ends and my second day back to work after a week vacation, he wants to change his plan. Arrrrggghhh Frown

Then I make an attempt tp pay my Target bill online and was told I was only allowed two payments with in a seven day period, what! Now I have been using my Target card to earn the 5% discount and as soon as I get home I pay the bill. Well, looks like I have done so twice this week Frown Good thing my minimum payment isn't due until the 6th so I was able to schedule a payment.

Finally on a good note, I still had about $11 left in my account before payday so I added this amount to my challenge/EF. In addition, I paid bills today and every bill due with the exception of one, I over estimated the total amount due Smile so I added another $115 to my challenge/EF. Also I packed lunch, had breakfast at home as well as dinner so $6 added to my challenge.

I had class tonight, so I did not make it to the gym and I am not adding $2 the challenge, this was a good reason not to head to the gym but I'll be back tomorrow.

Total saved $132

1 Responses to “I can't believe it”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I am frustrated with the Target card on that issue too. I have paid some bills in cash at the Target store. Works pretty slick!

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