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Things moving so fast

February 2nd, 2012 at 02:49 am

Okay I received a call from the HOA to come in for an interview on Monday, I have my fingers crossed but I am still very nervous. See change scares me; eventhough, I have lived on my own in the past and did very well, I'm still nervous.

Next, I went ahead and paid $100 on CC1, I was a little nervous because I really don't want to spend any money since I plan on moving. I know it sounds crazy, I'd rather have no debt, or less debt when I move but I'm still nervous about it. The funds spent came from a personal account which I use for things like my hair, nails etc. so I pretty much cleaned that account out. I still have $ in the EF but that will decrease once I move as well. On a good note, I now have $144 left to go on CC1 Smile before I can tackle CC2.

Moving right along, as I was at my dad's yesterday, my BF stopped by the house and my mother gave him the "low down" per se on why we're not speaking. He says the story she gave was pretty much the same as I told him; however, what annoyed me is he told her about the interview I had coming. I know it's silly but I'd prefer she knows absolutely nothing about me. She told him she wanted her house key, which hurt a little but at the end of the day is fine with me. I guess she doesn't trust me. If that's the case when her cd becomes due this month, she can have it, I'm done paying the taxes on it.

Now onto to my dad, I received a call from my brother who rents the efficiency my dad has to say that my nephew (my sister's) child had just broken his window out and the door. You see this kid is bad news, my sister has allowed him to be rude and disrespectful, and now at 27 he is out of control. Long story short, I'm not in jail because if he had hurt my dad I know I would have been, dad decided not to have him arrested and my brother fixed the window and door temporarily.

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