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August 2nd, 2012 at 03:20 pm

I say this every time I stop saving, but if I do not blog I do not save. For some reason, I feel obligated and guilty if I spend foolishly while I am blogging. So I'm back again for the 100th time this year.

Starting off fresh. Today I had breakfast at home, packed my lunch and just prepared dinner; so I have add $6 to the $20 Challenge ($3 to EF and $3 to CC1).

School starts in a few weeks and I am excited about that. I am still employed but am looking for a more challenging job, so please keep your fingers crossed.

As now that's it for me, getting ready to watch the Olympics. Lol, I am cheering for two countries; the U.S. and Jamaica.

2 Responses to “Slacking ”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    There is something to be said for blogging keeping people honest, I think, because in many cases it leads to people to think twice about their financial decisions. Whatever it takes to have some insurance of making those positive decisions, huh? Good luck...

  2. veronak Says:

    Thanks Jerry.

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